Sanskrit for Chanting


Sanskrit for Chanting


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For many years I have personally paid the hosting and domain costs, and have spent countless hours developing content. I am retiring.

Much gratitude to my Sanskrit teachers: Pandit Satyapal Sharma of Bangalore, Pandit Raghavendra Aithal of Bangalore, and Pandit Sri Hari Kabambi of Tirumala.

Many thanks to so many others who helped me on this path.


Prayer to Shri Ganesha (I) [pdf: 58 kb]

Prayer to Shri Ganesha (II) [pdf: 51 kb]

Prayer to Shri Ganesha (III) [pdf: 52 kb]

108 Names of Shri Ganesha [pdf: 60 kb]

Shri Ganesha Suktam [pdf: 19 kb]

Shri Ganesha Suktam (large font) [pdf: 20 kb]

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